Knox General Insurance Brokers provides individuals access to security in every aspect of their lives without having to worry about their insurance. Through high quality coverage and competitive pricing, we are proud to put achieving personal security and peace of mind within reaching distance.

    Our personal insurance plans provide customers with confidence in the fact that they are prepared for the unexpected, whatever their current financial situation may be. As every individual presents differential needs and concerns, our personal insurance covers a variety of coverage types that take into account your unique lifestyle, budget and insurance needs. In working with our experienced staff, your personal concerns are valued; our customers receive the necessary individual guidance to create a customized insurance coverage plan that best serves their special combination of needs.

    Our customers have access to a broad range of personal insurance options.

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    At Knox General Insurance Brokers, we understand the level of care that you invest in your business, as well as the time that you dedicate to its successful operation, be it a small business or a large entity. Our concern is seeking the most effective and affordable insurance coverage while allowing you to protect your most valuable asset – your time. Our staff works with established insurance providers to seek out practical and cost-effective insurance coverage for special aspects of each business, whether its general liability coverage, a commercial fleet policy or business owners insurance our business clients experience the assurance of well-protected buildings, equipment, employees, and other logistics

    Businesses have access to a comprehensive list of insurance options

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    We believe that every individual should be able to afford insurance coverage that protects your most precious assets – your family and health. During less than ideal economic conditions, our staff understands that it is vital that your future planning insurance be compatible with your specific needs, concerns and budget. We provide insurance solutions that include only the types of coverage that are tailored to your particular situation. Our end goal is that you feel confident in the knowledge that your money is going towards the things which you are most concerned about safeguarding.

    Clients have access to a variety of insurance options.

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