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    EP Insurance (Environmental Protection)


    Over the past few decades, there have been a surge of environmental liability claims brought against property owners. Fueled in part by environmental statutes and state environmental clean-up laws, such claims are often in the millions.

    Environmental protection insurance protects an insured from remediation (or clean-up) of pollution conditions and from bodily injury or property damage losses resultind from those conditions. For example, leaks from past unknown underground storage tanks or past dry cleaner operations that may have affected sub-surface soil or groundwater and are required to be cleaned up. Property damage claims may result if sub-surface contamination migrates from an insured property and affects an adjacent third party's property, reducing the property value. Also, indoor air quality, including mold infestation, can generate claims for bodily injury. These are some examples that often trigger pollution liability. However, we have also seen insurance companies provide coverage for less comon claims resulted from hydraulic oil releases in elevator shafts and for releases from sewage lines that have required clean up.

    You may think this program is not for you, but you would be surprised how many businesses actually need Environmental Protection Insurance. Here is a partial list of those who qualify:

  • • Car Dealerships, Gas/Service Stations & Garages
  • • Contractors
  • • Dry Cleaning & Laundry Facilities
  • • Environmental Consultants
  • • Environmental Remediation Contractors
  • • HVAC Contractors
  • • Hospitals & Clinical Institutions
  • • Hotels & other Lodgings Facilities
  • • Shopping Centers
  • • Utilities
  • • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • • And more
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